About Aztec Investigations

Experience Counts!

We are a full-service private investigator company with Nationwide resources and access to Federal, State, County and Municipal records.

Our team of private investigators are all retired law enforcement officers from a Federal, State, County, Municipal, or Military units with the experience you need to get the job done correctly the first time.

We have succeeded, where others failed, in locating missing adults and children using on-line sources and direct contact with friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Our background check services will stand up to any scrutiny and normally include Felony, Misdemeanor, Driving and the Justice Department’s Sexual Offender Index as well as civil records that may indicate past harassment concerns.

We are in the business of obtaining Public Record Information. Our computer network allows us to conduct timely background check services, asset investigations and skip trace investigator services at competitive rates.


  • Fraternal Order. of Police,
  • Phoenix Law Enforcement. Association