Background Check Services

On-line databases are not all inclusive. Some investigators claim that they are providing nationwide criminal records screening and are only providing information from on-line sources. Most of these “on-line sources” only go back seven years, do not cover all jurisdictions and are based only on a name and date of birth search.

Our background check services include:

  • A Social Security number search that will provide past addresses for the applicant. These addresses may differ from those provided by the applicant. This is especially true if the applicant is attempting to hide a conviction in a specific jurisdiction.
  • A search of all the jurisdictions names in the SSN search.
  • A search of the U.S. Government’s data base for Federal charges.
  • A search of the U.S. Justice Department’s Sexual Offender’s data base.
  • If required, a copy of the applicant’s driving record.
  • For executives, we recommend a search of civil records to determine if any cases were brought against them for reasons of moral turpitude.

All of our searches are completed within 24 hours unless delayed by the courts.